Froxen frozen yogurt is packed with natural goodness, made with British Isles milk, pure fruit purees and contains no artificial colouring or additives. It’s low in fat, and contains less sugar and half the calories of the leading brands of ice cream. Made with only natural ingredients, it is a great source of calcium and fibre, as well as being gluten free.

Being a real yogurt, it also contains live and active cultures, which can aid digestion
and help maintain strong immune system.

But the best thing about Froxen Yogurt is that it tastes YUMMY!


Here at Froxen, we are passionate about making the world a better place. We mostly try to do this by creating delicious, healthy treats. But that’s not all! We are serious about provenance, and we are serious about the environment. We source our milk from the British Isles, we use only the highest quality ingredients, and our packaging is recyclable. We’re also committed to the health of the country, and that’s why Froxen frozen yogurt is a better option than ice cream in just about every way.


Where is Froxen Yogurt made?

Our frozen yogurt is made and hand-filled into boxes in the beautiful North Wales countryside, with Snowdonia serving as a dramatic background.

Is Froxen Yogurt healthy?

In comparison to ice cream? Yes. In comparison to lettuce? No. Frozen yogurt is a treat. A healthier one than ice cream or a chocolate bar, but it’s still a case of moderation. However, as a guideline, in comparison to ice cream, Froxen Yogurt has less fat, less sugar, less calories and more fibre, so it’s definitely the preferable option. We think it tastes better too!

Is Froxen frozen yogurt gluten free?

Yes, all of our current flavours of frozen yogurt are gluten free.

Which allergens does Froxen frozen yogurt contain?

The only allergen contained in our frozen yogurt is milk. While other allergen products are handled on site (including peanuts and other nuts, mustard, soya, eggs and gluten), we do not consider there to be a risk of cross-contamination, so you can enjoy Froxen frozen yogurt free from fear of an allergic reaction.

Where can I buy Froxen frozen yogurt?

Stay tuned for a list of places that stock Froxen Yogurt, and in the meantime, give your local retailer a nudge in our direction, and let them know our frozen yogurt is best!


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